About me

I am a keen backyard vegetable grower with a Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Science from the University of Tasmania. I bring a balance of scientific rigour and open-mindedness to my approach to agriculture.

My interest in agriculture and growing food came later in life, with a prior career in software engineering. While I have mostly moved on from writing code, my skills in systems and data analysis have proved useful in other fields. As a couple of examples, I have been responsible for management of finances at Source Community Wholefoods, and analysed energy efficiency data for RED Sustainability and Sustainable Living Tasmania. I have also been research assistant at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, working on soil carbon and digital viticulture.

Soil analysis has been a natural fit for my interest in agriculture and my ability to manipulate data. I have been doing this since spring 2014, and while I have learnt a lot, there is always more! That is why my prices are so competitive - we are in this together to learn about soil fertility.

I first got interested in food growing through permaculture, as I am attracted to the holistic design paradigm it advocates. Getting our soils right is just one part of building a better world.